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If you are facing a difficult divorce, child custody or support case or some other family law challenge in Florida, you deserve an established and highly qualified family law attorney. Boyette Law Firm, P.A. represents family law clients throughout the Panhandle of Florida and the Panama City area. I have over 16 years of experience helping individuals work through some of the most emotional and challenging times by asserting their fundamental rights and protecting their legal interests in matters involving their loved ones. When you work with my law firm, I will fight diligently to achieve a satisfactory resolution that allows you to move to the next chapter of your life with as much confidence as possible.

Is divorce the same thing as dissolution in Florida?

If you’re married in Florida and are facing divorce, you may be confused about the term “dissolution of marriage.” In Florida, divorce and dissolution are used interchangeably, so they mean the same thing. However, Florida offers two types of dissolutions: a simplified dissolution of marriage and a regular dissolution of marriage.

In a simplified dissolution of marriage, both parties present a settlement reflecting the terms they’ve agreed upon for their uncontested divorce. Many spouses will work closely with an experienced divorce attorney to help facilitate these agreements.

In a regular dissolution of marriage, the process can be longer and require more interaction with the court. But this may be the appropriate strategy when the spouses are unwilling or unable to cooperate with one another or there are complex parenting and/or financial issues involved.

How an attorney can assist with your Florida family law matter

When a family law issue requires a legal resolution, it’s important to choose a knowledgeable attorney who will handle your case with care. A simple mistake or oversight could have lasting financial and emotional consequences for you and your children. As a skilled family law attorney, I advise Florida residents on a wide range of family law concerns, including:

  • Division of property — Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning the court will divide marital assets and debts based on what the judge thinks is fair. This might not be an even split, so my you might prefer to negotiate a settlement.  
  • Child custody and visitation — I will assert your parental rights in child custody and visitation matters so you can maintain a strong relationship with your son or daughter no matter what lies ahead.
  • Child support — I advocate for fair child support orders based on the true financial circumstances of the parents.
  • Alimony — Under Florida law, a party could receive alimony if they relied on their spouse for income during the marriage.  
  • Child support modification and enforcement — If circumstances change after a divorce is finalized or one party isn’t honoring their obligations under an existing order, I can assist with child support modification and enforcement.
  • Domestic violence — I can help if you’ve been affected by domestic violence. I help clients obtain domestic violence protective orders and defend individuals who do not believe an order should be imposed against them.

I provide my clients with the personalized attention they deserve from the beginning of the process until their issue is resolved.  

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